About Me

If someone told me 4 years ago that makeup artistry would be my passion I think I would have laughed. I was the biggest tomboy ever and my life was not glamorous at all, but life taught me that I have more to offer. After going through tough times I found You Tube and met amazing people who taught me that beauty not only comes from the inside but the most important kind of beauty is what you hold inside of your heart. It took me about a year to do my very first makeup video and this is coming from a person who has never wore makeup in her life and I was 28 when I first applied foundation (Pause for laughter lol)

I believe in my craft and I believe in helping others who do not have the means to pamper themselves. Every women should experience pampering at least once in her life and that is where I come in…

This website is for you.

In dedication to those women who just want to feel beautiful but are not used to seeing it..Let me show you how beautiful you ALREADY are.​